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Micro-Motors You Can Rely Upon
Autom Tech.Industry Co.,Ltd is one of China's leading DC micro-motor manufacturers. We offer precious metal-brush and carbon-brush DC Micro-motors and our products are used in numerous applications, such as Entertainment Systems, Automobiles, Home and Industrial appliances and tools and many others. Our Products are dependable and long-lasting, and backed by years of experience.

High Quality, Extensive Product Line
AUTOM's product line is extensive -10 series covering more than 100 types of motors. Our annual output capacity now stands at 100,000,000 pieces. To help ensure that all our products are in compliance with international standards, we have ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification . In addition, much effort is being placed on enhancing our overall capabilities, management systems, production procedures, fter-sales services and ever-improving communication with our clients.


Customer Stories

AUTOM takes great pride in our products.Hear what some customers have to say about us.

Camera Challenge


Meeting the Standard – International Camera Manufacturer 

Japanese companies are known to place strict demands on their suppliers. A leading international manufacturer of high quality cameras required an internal dc motor for one of their products. Potential suppliers had to have a manufacturing defect rate of no more than 50 parts per million.

AUTOM took on the challenge. After a few months and many hurdles, we reached the standard – and then exceeded it.

The company was very pleased with our results and now trusts us with a large portion of their DC Motor orders.


Efficient Vacuum Cleaners

Helping our Customers Succeed

Asia’s largest manufacturer of vacuum cleaners was in trouble. To satisfy an overseas buyer they had to develop a new micro-motor for one of their new products.

More than 10 suppliers competed for the business. Our research and development group got to work and soon developed a motor more than 10 times more efficient than our competitors. Product life, EMC and super-saturation capabilities were also improved.

What was the result? We got the business of course. And since our product exceeded the foreign end-user’s requirements, our customer got their business too. At AUTOM, we believe success must be mutual.


Automatic Vending Machines

Custom Solutions for an Australian Company

A leading Australian supplier of automatic vending machines gave us several requirements including:

Providing a gear reducer

Offering a micro-motor with the latest technology

Providing a PCB line.

Speed was the most important factor. As our customer contact explained it to us:

Most important is not only our ability to sell more effectively but to also offer our

customers a wide range of products and capabilities’Vendor Product ManagerAUTOM believes in providing solutions, not just products. In record time we designed and developed the solution the company required. They were very pleased with our service and now frequently do business with us.




Highlights: AUTOM MOTORS is specialized in DC micro motors including gear motors, planetary gear motors, stepper motors and especially brushless motors.
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