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About motor industry

  • Upcoming 115th. Canton Fair
  • In upcoming 115th. Canton Fair(phase 1: April 15th to 19th), our booth no. is B19 in Hall 11.3 of Pazhou Pavilion. From April 15th to 19th 2014, We look forward to meeting you at our booth! On the af...
    2014-03-28 09:27:15
  • Flat Brush DC Motor Selection Guide
  • Motor shapes can generally be divided into flat and round types. The flat type is mainly used for feeding and loading. The round type is mainly used for spindles, but can also be used for feeding and ...
    2013-06-03 08:55:17
  • Protection way of brushed dc motor
  • To extend a D.C. motor’s service life, protective devices and motor controllers are used to protect it from mechanical damage, excessive moisture, high dielectric stress and high temperature or therma...
    2012-12-24 10:10:12
  • About Servo motor
  •   1. Working rule of servo motor Rotor inside of servo motor is permanent magnets, the U / V / W three-phase is controlled by driver and form into electromagnetic field, the rotor run in t...
    2012-12-15 15:28:44
  • Simple rule for Brush dc motor rotation
  • A simple DC electric motor. When the coil is powered, a magnetic field is generated around the armature. The left side of the armature is pushed away from the left magnet and drawn toward the right, c...
    2012-12-08 16:04:29
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Highlights: About micro DC motor industry
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