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Since 1998, Autom has been specialized in developing and manufacturing various micro DC motors,servo motors, Electric motors including DC brushed motors, DC geared motors, DC planetary geared motors, DC stepper motors,  servo motors for plastic injection machines, brushless motors,  blowers with built-in bldc motors. Our products can be categorized into 10 series and over 100 models or types, are widely utilized all over the world, in plastic injection machines, Entertainment Systems, Automobiles, Home and Industrial Appliances, Power Tools, Medical Equipments and so on. Our annual production capability stands steadily at 30 million pieces.

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Electric motor, DC motor, minimotor in a car

There are over 1 billion automobiles in use globally. Averagely, each of them is with over 30 pcs of micro dc motors inside. For safety and efficient manipulations, these micro DC motors must be dependable, economical and able to withstand Extreme Conditions.

Highlights: we design and manufacture electric motor,micro dc motor,minimotor,stepper motor,gearmotor,servo motor,couple stepper motor,double stepper motor.
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